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The non-profit organization MSA-AMS.be was founded in 2008, first as a ‘Factual association’ by JiePie SCHOUPPE and Ritje SCHOUPPE - MOONS.

27th of September 2010 it became officially ‘MSA-AMS.be VZW’ a legal non-profit organization, (published in ‘Belgisch Staatsblad’: Belgian Official Journal 08.12.2010) by a group of patients and their relatives. The year before, these people answered a call of JiePie SCHOUPPE, a MSA patient. They all needed correct information, help and coordination concerning MSA care could offer.

The organization addresses to all Belgian MSA patients. The management is only made up of MSA patients or their family members having the advantage that they know the disease and its direct and indirect consequences very well.

The non-profit organization with Company number: 831.441.438 Identification Number 10178643 is

Associated with RaDiOrg.be : http://radiorg.be/onze-leden/organisaties


And referred International with:

Orpha.net: The portal for rare diseases and orphan drugs : http://www.orpha.net/consor/cgi-bin/SupportGroup_Search.php?lng=EN&data_id=75865&title=msa-asm-be

WeMove: Worldwide Education and Awareness for Movement Disorders : http://www.wemove.org/ASO/default.asp?dis=5

Neurocom.be : http://icto.arteveldehs.be/neurocom/links.php

Board Members of MSA-AMS.be vzw


Chairman of The Board of Directors

Together with JiePie she started to provide information to other MSA patients. The first newsletter was born on February 2, 2008. December 14, 2008 she started together with the MSA JiePie AMS.be patient association (factual association). April 2009 the website was a fact. The years of experience as a caregiver, is an ideal basis for a 'professional' volunteer to help the MSA patients and their families. She also keeps the finger on the pulse and will not fail to make every effort to ensure that the investigation into the ‘how and why’ of MSA is continuing. She is also one of the driving forces behind the World MSA Day. She is now President of the Board of Directors of MSA AMS.be association, and deal with the daily management.





Since 2009 full-time carer of his wife Christian. It was, and is, with falling and getting up he goes the entire process. All day bump to the obstacles, made Max the ideal person to keep the wagon pushing. By profession, project developer, he is a formidable by-pusher. A real doer, where no door remains closed. You will have known as Max comes up with something. Max's wife Christiane Bosman died on March 18, 2011.



Frieda DAEMEN.

Board Member

Since February 2010, Frieda was diagnosed with MSA, four years before Parkinson.

She knows exactly what impact MSA has on her life and the lives of her family and surroundings. Frieda is very motivated to encourage other MSA patients.





I am JiePie daughter, 45 years and I have two children the eldest of who is studying medicine. I live in Wallonia and working in the social sector. My greatest wish is to continue the combat of my father to find effective treatments against the MSA (AMS). I can be the contact person for patient’s francophone.


Lesley DENYS.

Board Member


MSA-AMS.be vzw

Sprinkhaanveldestraat, 36 GVL

2150 BORSBEEK (Belgium)

Tel +32 (0)3 283 58 72

Reg. Nr: 0831.441.438  -

Bank BE35 8601 1234 1237 BIC SPAABE22


E-mail: contact@msa-ams.be

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